Joozbi understands the faith that you have invested for shopping needs. Our core principle is to shoulder responsibility in accordance of protecting personal data and compliance pertaining to all applicable laws. We are oath driven to properly regulate, protect and process data in accordance to policy.

To all our customers we request to read on our privacy policy. In bid of completing transaction we may ask you to provide us your personal data.

Review the privacy policy:- As we love to be updated time to time our privacy policy may change time to time. The same will be provided on the site. We request everyone to sign up for newsletters and other notifications, to stay alert with all such changes.

Sharing on personal information: When you are on our platform there would be certain exchange of information. The information shared by you will be used for regular operations.

1) Notify you when we launch our new offers and services.

2) Answering up your queries.

3) Looking forward inquires.

4) Keeping you updated with services offers.

5) In order to have smoother executions we shall enable third parties for carrying out technical, logistics or other functions on our behalf.

Please note that we don’t entertain concept of selling, publishing or leasing personal information to third parties without prior permission or law of country.

If you feel that there is misrepresentation of information the same shall be brought to light by you by communicating with us via Email or telephone.


At every step there are reasonable measures that prevent loss, misuse or theft of important information. The information shall be retained with Joozbi until and unless the account is not completely deleted or if certain amount of dues are left.

Account information

You are completely authorized to edit your information in case of name, spelling, and address or may delete your account anytime after log in to our site. Through our app or electronic site you are given upper hand on checking up with your shopping history.

Permissions for device:

We understand the fact of being present on all sorts of gadgets and giving fast services as possible. Certainly there are various devices that may require you to grant us permissions. If you are not comfortable to anything you still have option to opt out from the applications by going through the settings.

Communications associated for Marketing

We value your call on counting us for your different shopping needs. We request all our customers to please make a note that we shall be sending non promotional texts that is associated with your account.

Maintaining information: we want to be more familiar with choices, preferences, likes and dislikes that you have. Through our web or other electronic media operated by us or other digital information it will be agreed upon that you are sharing your information with own will and interest.

Location information: In order to give you fulfillment of the delivery we will take access on the location of information via our website and app. This same information will also be given to delivery partners. Certain location information is also collected when the applications are running on the background. However if you have not allowed Joozbi collect the information then you will need to entertain everything manually.

Our technical partners fully understand that by signing with us you have given us the Authorization of usage of data. In such cases our technical team will evaluate the gadgets that you are using and other pertaining online activities. This information shall also include on how long you were active on our page. We may do collection of cookies that will additionally allow us to know more about your preferences and taste. It will also give you upper hand on without needing to remember your Joozbi password again and again; still you could log in on the account. This exercise is purely done to count the number of visits and information that has taken more interest than anything else. This step is also vital for us to upbeat our social media activity and send you right emails as per your interest.

Opportunity to make us know more about you or hear from us:

Social media apps are hereinto referred as third parties. By signing into this application you have chance to let us know more about you. Personal information like your Id, preferences will be collected by us if you are logged in through your social media accounts. In any manner we shall not be responsible if the information is disclosed by third party usage.