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Key-M Riser Card For M.2 NGFF / PCIE / NVME SSD Protection Board Test Board


1. There is an indirect contact between the solid-state hard disk box and the motherboard by using the riser card, which can more effectively protect the gold finger and slot, and is not easy to be damaged.
2. Product interface: KEY-M interface or KEY-B/M interface is optional
3. Compatible with 2230 2242 2260 2280 SSD
4. Product size: 22 x 110mm
5. Product color: black PCB
6. Support system: all systems that support M.2 can be used

A. Please confirm the interface between the motherboard M.2 slot and the M.2 hard disk, otherwise it will not be inserted
B. This is just to extend the motherboard, it will not speed up or slow down
C. Suitable for motherboard M2 slot testing or M2 hard disk testing

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.05kgs / 0.12lb
One Package Size 17cm * 12cm * 5cm / 6.69inch * 4.72inch * 1.97inch
Qty per Carton 500
Carton Weight 27.00kgs / 59.52lb
Carton Size 90cm * 90cm * 62cm / 35.43inch * 35.43inch * 24.41inch
Loading Container 20GP: 53 cartons * 500 pcs = 26500 pcs
40HQ: 123 cartons * 500 pcs = 61500 pcs

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