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For PS4 Controller Wireless Gamepad Android for Playstation 4 Bluetooth Gamepad Dual Vibration Motors Joystick for PS4

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Function:Wireless Gamepad,Bluetooth Gamepad,Bluetooth Joystick,Bluetooth Game Controller
Interface Type:USB



Compatible with PS4 and Win7/8/10 system PC, wireless and wired connection for choice.
Features with 2 rockers, share button, touchpad, LED light bar, 3.5mm stereo headset jack.
Supports double motor vibration, with cool LED lighting, bringing players more real experience.
The built-in large capacity rechargeable battery ensures about 10 hours of working time.
Sleek, streamlined, textured grip and a unique shape design enhance comfort handle feel.
When the battery of the game controller is exhausted, it can be recharged while playing games.
Note: The controller has no built-in speaker.
For PS4 Connection Method:
Connect the controller to the host with a data line. The controller light bar is red and flickers slowly. In this case, it is in the charging state. (The controller power is displayed on the game screen. When charging, the red breathing light will flash slowly and off when fully charged. ) Under this state, press the PS key once, and when the controller light bar is blue, it means the connection is successful, and you can conduct option operation.
When the controller is not charged, the light bar shows red, indicating no connection. Please disconnect and reconnect.
After connected successfully, unplug the line and it will automatically switch to wireless BT mode.
For PC Wired Connection Method:
Connect the controller and PC with the data line. The light bar shows that the red breathing light flashes slowly. At this time, operation and charging can be carried out after a successful connection. Checking Method: Open the computer control panel - devices and printers - set the USB game controller, click properties to test the controller. Note: If the controller is abnormal, please use a paper clip to press the hole on the back of the controller to reset the controller and operate again.


Transmission Distance: ≤8M
Working Voltage: DC3.7V
Working Current: 30mA
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Working Time: 10H
Standby Time: 30 days when full charge
Static Current:<35uA
Charging Voltage/Current: DC5V/500mA
Color: Black
Item Size: Approx. 15.8 10.6 3.6cm/6.22 4.17 1.41in
Item Weight: 192.1g/6.77oz
Package Size: 17.5 16.4 6.8cm/6.89 6.45 2.67in
Package Weight: 306g/10.79oz

Package List:

1 Controller
USB Charging Cable


Q: What if the keys are out of control?


  1. Shut down the handle and reconnect. Do not touch other keys during connection.

  2. Press the reset hole on the back of the handle with a paper clip.
    Q: Gamepad could not be found on the PS4 device?

  3. Cancel the connection between the gamepad and PS4, and restart the PS4 device and gamepad at the same time.

  4. Press the reset hole on the back of the handle with the paper clip and reconnect.
    Q: Why doesn't the new controller boot up?

  5. Connect the 5V charger with the USB cable and press the power button after it is fully charged.
    If the indicator light does not work when connected to the power cord, press down the reset hole on the back of the handle with a paper clip.