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Our site gives a freehand of purchases thereafter by visiting or making purchases; the user agrees to abide by the bond agreement that all terms and conditions are accepted. We request all our customers to first read on all to terms and conditions. Terms of services and conditions are not only applicable to the customers, but also to the vendors, merchants and other selling partners associated with us.

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General conditions

The management reserves the complete right of refusing the user access anytime without any kind of clarification. All the data on our site is secured but the management will not take responsibility in case if you share your important credentials like i.e. log in details, pin or other things. The prices mentioned on our site are subject to change without any kind of prior notice. We shall not be held under the liability clause by you or third party for the changes even if the products are suspended or discontinued.

Products and exclusivity: Certain products on our site are completely exclusive and sold online through our website. These products can be limited and returns of the same will only be done as per our return policy.

By using latest technology and tools, we have made the best ever attempt to make the product appear on the site as orginal as they are. If the product appears differently on your screen then we don’t guarantee for the same.

Only the management reserves the right to admit new seller and the same shall be decided by geographic location and jurisdiction.

Products and Billing: The management deserves the high end right of limiting or selling the quantities if the purchases are done under the same name or card. This action is only taken with the view to stop practice of entertaining resellers that may further increase on the cost of product.

In order to ensure complete smoothness of purchase the user should agree to provide accurate personal details and other things that are mandatory on our site for successful shipping.

Rectifications:  As human mind is prone to errors, there could be some places that we could have be mistaken in product specifications or descriptions. The management deserves complete authority of modifying errors and changing the same over a period of time. The management is not liable or shall not be held responsible for any such changes without notifications.

Prohibited Usage : If a person is found to be doing unlawful acts, soliciting crime, violating international norms or intellectually copying contents provided on the site then in such cases, the access of any such person will be barred. If the information is found out to be misleading or done with the intention of presenting biasness then too that user shall not be authorized to use account.

Termination: Incase if you don’t wish to continue or get notified with our services the same should be intimidated to us via email or phone. If you are terminating services for unsettled dues then you will still get a notification and you as user shall only be held responsible for doing payments of these dues. We shall not entertain the claim of any third parties.

If we feel that the vendor, selling parties or customers have failed to comply with our terms and conditions then the agreement will be discontinued with immediate effect.