About Us

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Joozbi: An overview

We specialize in mobile phone accessories, computer peripherals, game accessories, home and outdoor gadgets, and are a leading wholesaler of electronic products. Our innovative platform allows you to purchase directly from factories at significantly lower prices than retail. With a multilingual website, we’ve taken down all the barriers and eliminated all the risk. We’re committed to giving businesses and consumers a fast, easy and safe purchasing experience.

Price & quality

Over the past 15 years, Joozbi has accumulated a wealth of supply chain resources in China. While cooperating with many popular brands in China, we will control the quality from the source of our own brands PULUZ, HAWEEL and iPartsbuy.

Procedures for ordering

Upon placing an order, our warehouse staff will print a list of all items, collect them from the shelves, pack them into cartons & check them carefully. When all items are packed into the carton, it will be sent to the packing area. Your order will be ready to be transported once it has been carefully packed.

Shipments around the world

Over 200 countries and regions have been served by Joozbi’s door-to-door delivery service in cooperation with several international shipping companies.

Warehouses around the world

Located in China, Hongkong, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, Joozbi warehouses help reduce delivery times to just one to two days and provide customers with more convenient and efficient after-sales support. Orders shipped from local warehouses are duty-free and shipped in less than three days.

Security of payments

In addition to providing over 40 global payment methods, Joozbi’s risk control system ensures your payment security.