Buyers’ Show

Win points at Buyers’ Show!

Please send us your testimonial with snap photos taken when using the Haweel and Puluz you purchased from us, and you will receive Joozbi Points.

Points are available to everyone

If you upload and allow us to use your photos, you will receive 30 Joozbi Points.

If you write reviews for the products you have purchased from Joozbi website, you will receive 10 or more points, and you will also receive lottery points. The lottery points can be used to enter contests and to win free gifts. You will receive lottery points in the same quantity as the Joozbi points you receive for your reviews. Click here for more information.

Every month, Joozbi will reward you with up to 5,000 Joozbi points for sharing amazing photos.

Joining the Buyers’ Show

Take photos of the Haweel and Puluz branded items you bought from Joozbi and post them as follows: