APPLE Watch Ultra 2 Smartwatch Titan, Schwarz


Has thick skin

With a titanium case that can withstand anything, dual-frequency and high-precision GPS, up to 36 hours of autonomy, mobile connection for greater freedom and three straps designed specifically for athletes and adventure lovers. Hold on tight, wild times are coming.

There’s no bigger, brighter screen on an Apple Watch. The always-on Retina display reaches a peak brightness of 3,000 nits, twice as much as any other Apple Watch. There is plenty of space to display more detailed training metrics and watch faces, such as: B. the Wayfinder, which rotates the Digital Crown to activate night mode when the light is low.

The new action button gives you instant access to a variety of features. You can customize it to control a workout, mark a waypoint on the compass, or start a dive. Tap into it and unleash its full potential. And your.

Autonomy days

When you’ve been backpacking for two days, tackling the final leg of a triathlon, or diving around a coral reef, the last thing you want is to run out of battery. But don’t worry, because now you have more autonomy than ever to embark on any adventure. And dream about the next one.

Together you will go far

Designing a legendary watch for all types of athletes meant focusing on their specific needs. That’s why Apple has created three special wristbands designed specifically for outdoor adventures, endurance training and water sports.

The numbers roll in your favor

Getting back into the habit of running, completing a 10K, or preparing for a triathlon are goals that will test you physically and mentally. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is your perfect training partner with a variety of new features that give you the boost you need to achieve your goals.

Accurate statistics and data are the key to progress in any sport. The Workout app has been updated with new displays and views that give you all the information you need to beat your best time. And because the screen is so wide, you can see up to six metrics at once.

Heart rate zones

Check your intensity level at a glance. Training zones are automatically calculated and adjusted based on your health data, but you can also create them manually. If you want to accurately measure your progress, set the Action button to track a workout, mark a segment, or advance to the next interval.

A GPS to stay ahead of the times

The reliability of GPS is essential for recording accurate measurements in training, whether in the city or in the wilderness. Apple Watch Ultra features a new, high-precision dual-frequency GPS system that’s so advanced it can hit the mark even in harsh environments.

The Apple Watch Ultra can withstand extreme altitudes, temperatures and environments. It’s an essential exploration tool that takes you to the far corners of the world and gets you home in one piece.

When venturing into unknown territory, it is important to have a reliable compass. Thanks to the new views and features of the Compass app, all you have to do is look at your wrist to find your way and never lose sight of north again.

86 decibel siren. Ask for help at the speed of sound.

If you get lost or injured and need help, press and hold the action button to activate a siren that will be heard within 180 meters.

Action button. Make a statement. Find your route.

Click the Action button to add a reference point wherever you are, or activate the return function to retrace your steps. This allows you to concentrate on the route ahead of you or the route you have left behind.

Immerse yourself in the future

Forged to survive jet ski crossings in Es Vedrá or windsurfing sessions in Pozo Izquierdo, the Apple Watch Ultra is equipped with a depth gauge. This way you have at your fingertips all the data and functions you need to practice diving at depths of up to 40 meters. EN13319 certified: An internationally recognized standard for diving accessories.

Deeper innovations

Thanks to the new depth gauge, the Depth app is perfect for snorkeling or any other underwater activity that doesn’t require prior preparation. The app shows you the time, the current depth, the water temperature, the duration of the dive and the maximum depth reached. It can even activate automatically when you dive.

Action button. Ready, set, dive.

Programming the Action button to open the Depth app or set a course during an Oceanic+ dive makes it much easier to control your watch while you’re underwater.


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