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Waveshare SIM8262E-M2/SIM8202G-M2 5G HAT for Raspberry Pi


1. Based on Qualcomm platform, support 5G NSA and SA networking, support multi-mode & multi-band
2. Multi-constellation dual-band positioning: GPS, Beidou, Glonass, Galileo, and QZSS
3. Operating system support: Windows/Linux/Android
4. USB 3.1 port (USB 2.0 compatible) for connecting to PC, Raspberry Pi, or Jetson Nano host board to enable high speed 5G communication
5. Standard M.2 B KEY slot, compatible with different 5G modules: SIM8202X-M2 / SIM8200EA-M2 / SIM8262X-M2 series
6. Onboard UART, PWR, and RST control pin, built-in voltage level translator, enabled via DIP switch, for use with hosts like Raspberry Pi or Arduino
7. Onboard USB-C connector, enabled via switch, for connecting standalone power supply for the module, allows more loads, stable amd flexible power supply
8. Onboard power supply on/off switch, reset button and LED indicator, easy to turn on/off the module or monitor the operating status
9. 4x SMA to IPEX antenna connectors, with pre-soldered SMA terminals for connecting antennas
10. 2x SIM card slot, dual card single standby, switchable via AT command
11. Onboard audio jack and audio decoder, allows audio operation like making phone call
12. High efficiency power supply circuit, up to 3A output current
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.30kgs / 0.67lb
One Package Size 15cm * 10cm * 6cm / 5.91inch * 3.94inch * 2.36inch
Qty per Carton 84
Carton Weight 26.20kgs / 57.76lb
Carton Size 47cm * 42cm * 44cm / 18.5inch * 16.54inch * 17.32inch
Loading Container 20GP: 307 cartons * 84 pcs = 25788 pcs
40HQ: 712 cartons * 84 pcs = 59808 pcs

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